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Ducati Monster 797

Edited by Shereen Shabnam

Sporty, compact, essential but also sophisticated and contemporary, the new Monster 797 brings the iconic Monster spirit and Ducati values within everyone’s reach by providing them the gateway to the Ducati world with an easy and intuitive ride.

It certainly is time to turn up the fun with the Monster 797 as every element has been very carefully designed and executed to fully express the Monster spirit. The riding position, chassis and the 75 hp Desmodue twin-cylinder engine instill confidence right from the first miles.

The Monster 797 is the ideal bike for those seeking carefree enjoyment on any road and in any situation. The design is elegant and muscular as it perfectly integrates the wide handlebar, tank, trellis frame, engine and double-sided swingarm.

The agile and dynamic line transmits sportiness and instils confidence right from first glance. The slim line of the Monster 797 enhances those designer elements that are in fact structural components, such as the trellis frame created as one single piece.

As a sophisticated bike, the design echoes the iconic bike of the 90s, reinterpreted with a modern twist: the trellis frame, a traditional Ducati synergises with the muscular tank and rear double-sided swingarm in cast aluminium, lightweight and sporty, with side-mounted shock. And equipped with traditional Ducati steel trellis frame, the Monster 797 ensures great manoeuvrability and agility.

The seat, positioned just 805mm from the ground, the wide handlebar and wide steering angle ensure agility in traffic and stability at high speed, while the contained weight and chassis offer the rider great feeling, whatever the experience level.

The Monster 797 is inspired by its roots, which can be seen in its every aspect, reinterpreted in a modern style. The classic circular headlight is equipped with LED position lights, the tank reintroduces the fastening hook and the Desmodue twin, advanced and powerful, sees the return of the cooling winglets. Traditional elements combined with extremely modern components make it contemporary and an iconic Monster.

The Monster 797 is perfect for those approaching motorcycling and the world of Ducati for the first time but also ensures fantastic riding enjoyment, even for the most expert of riders. The chassis is designed to ensure maximum ease of riding. Compact dimensions, a low and narrow seat, a wide handlebar and reduced weight make it agile in city traffic and sporty on out-of-town roads.

The dash of the Monster 797 comprises a large, high-visibility LCD screen providing data on speed, engine revs, total mileage, trip1 and trip2, engine oil temperature, clock, average speed and journey time.

The front headlight is one of the distinctive traits of the Monster: with its modern, technological design, it boasts an LED position light and a single bulb for the high and low beam functions.

A USB port is located under the seat of the Monster 797, useful for charging a smartphone or any other device with a USB connection. The Ducati Multimedia System allows for latest-generation smartphones to be connected to the bike via Bluetooth technology, so that the rider can manage the music player and receive notification of any incoming calls or messages.

The Monster 797 is available in three colours: Star White Silk, with red frame and wheels, the classic Ducati Red, with black frame and wheels and smart Dark Stealth with black frame and wheels.