Winging its Way Through the Skies


Turkish Airlines

Every experience is out of ordinary, teaches people something new and opens new horizons for them. As the airline flying to more countries and international destinations than any other airline, Turkish Airlines has brought people closer to exploring the diversities the world has to offer, to seek the unknown and to widen their worlds.

Established in 1933 under the name of ‘State Airline Administration’, Turkish Airlines started with a fleet of five aircrafts and has expanded it throughout the years to reach its current fleet of 325 aircrafts. Star Alliance member since 2008, Turkish Airlines is currently a 4-star airline flying and connecting its passengers across 304 destinations worldwide – 255 international and 49 domestic.

Since 1959, Turkish Airlines adopted yet developed its wild-goose inspired logo symbolizing the ability to fly across continents, as it is indeed the only living creature capable of flying across continents at an altitude of 9000 meters. Carrying the symbol of wild goose on its all aircrafts, Turkish Airlines bridges the worlds and seeks new horizons.

In addition to its seamless innovative service approach that reflected in every area it touch, the global carrier continues to grow thanks to a strong and supportive network of trade partners, media members, and loyal passengers from around the world. In order to keep up this momentum and further rise, Turkish Airlines invests in its quality of service, in-flight entertainment systems, comfortable seats, gourmet cuisine and its qualified human resources.

Turkish Airlines is always at the forefront of the latest technological advances and innovations in the aviation industry and boasts one of the youngest fleets. As being the airline that stably expands its routes and number of aircrafts, it attaches great importance to on-going vocational training of its employees for insuring the safety of its passengers. This stands for the Turkish Airlines’ one of the most indispensable topic titles, required for flight safety and service quality. Being aware of its responsibility as a leading airline within the global aviation community, Turkish Airlines steadily performs its mission to move forward with its unparalleled service concept, superior quality, and reliability.

The airline has received many awards in the past years thanks to its unparalleled innovative service approach. Just to give an example; its worldwide known Istanbul Lounge can be stated here, which offers a wide range of activities and services that transforms pre-flight or connecting time into an unique experience.

Just same with this year, Turkish Airlines declared several times as “The Most Valuable Brand” of Turkey in all sectors by Brand Finance, one of the world’s leading independent organizations in brand valuation and strategy consulting. The national flag carrier reinforces its leading position in its region with these kind of results.

Turkish Airlines, celebrating its 85 years of establishment in this year, strives to maintain the same momentum of success in 2018, after a brilliant performance that showed in 2017. During the period between January and June 2018, increase in demand and total number of passengers was 17.8% higher than the same period last year. In fact, the total number of passengers reached 35.6 million. Additionally, RPK increased by 15.5% compared to last year; making it 70.8 billion for this first half. Furthermore, the total Load Factor reached 80.4% making it the highest first-half L/F rate in its history. As for the cargo/mail carried during the first half of this year, an increase was made by 27.7% making it 661,234 tons compared to last year’s 517,884 tons.

A testament to the carrier’s major growth especially in the last few years is the opening of the new Istanbul Airport, which will take place on the 31st of October 2018. The new airport will serve about 90 million passengers annually to begin with and will eventually be able to accommodate 200 million people, making it the biggest airport in the world. Turkish Airlines is planning to relocate the full operations from the old airport to the new one in just 12 hours and is also planning to operate the first departure flight from the new runway during that time.

Turkish Airlines’ goal remains to continue expanding globally through increasing both its destinations and fleet number. This new airport will be one of the crucial parts in helping to achieve this growth. While Turkish Airlines continues winging its way through the skies, it strives to continuously provide its passengers with excellent in-flight and customer service.