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Greubel Forsey impress horological aficionados with Quantième Perpétuel à Équation

By Shereen Shbnam

Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey are best known for their innovative Double Tourbillon 30°, a timepiece clearly demonstrating their twin goals of innovation and excellence. In their pursuit of chronometric performance, they released their first perpetual calendar watch a few years ago, an amazing feat of horological engineering that they continue to innovate, clearly evident in the unveiling of the Quantième Perpétuel à Équation.

It is evident that Greubel Forsey pushed beyond the previous limits of watchmaking with crucial inventions and a focus on groundbreaking inclined tourbillons. The technically and ergonomically innovative Double Balancier 35° and GMT certainly boosts the time-honored perpetual calendar, reinventing the horological complication and highlights that watchmaking is in a perpetual state of evolution.

The new QP à Équation comes in white gold, measures 43.5mm in diameter and is 16mm high, which is not too wide a diameter given the number of indicators on its stunning anthracite dial. It includes a fourth patent the 24-second Tourbillon inclined at 25°.

The balance oscillates at 21,600v/h and the power reserve is 72 hours from two fast-rotation superimposed barrels that feature protection against excess tension. The movement diameter is 37mm(16.41 lignes), height 9.55mm and comprises 570 components and 65 jewels.

A power reserve at 2 o’clock, the day, date and month at 5 o’clock, a 24-hour discs at 7 o’clock, a running seconds sub dial, and cutout at 10 o’clock for peering into a 24-second tourbillon that is inclined at 25°. The standard skeletonized arrow hands that are found on all the Greubel Forsey’s are a final modern touch on this loaded mechanical titan.

The new Greubel Forsey Quantième Perpétuel à Équation houses the impressive Computeur Mecanique. This mechanical “brain” is fully integrated within the movement, and its elements are programmed to automatically display the seasons, equinoxes, solstices, the equation of time, the date, the day, the month and the four-digit year. Combined with an inclined tourbillon, it is an exceptional complex piece from true innovators in haute horology.

Making innovation their primary focus, Greubel Forsey clearly believe in reinventing elements of watchmaking that already makes the brand strong with modern and contemporary trends making each piece stand out.

We applaud the achievements of Robert and Stephen as they continue to build on their deep traditional horological knowledge and experience in high-end complicated timepieces and look forward to their upcoming innovations.