Stylishly Reimagined


Abdul Rauf Razzak

Managing Director of Riveria Group

By Shereen Shabnam

Riviera  Group  is  a  trusted  and  renowned bespoke  property  developer with  an  impressive  roster  of  developments  that  includes  La  Riviera Tower in Dubai Marina and La Riviera Estates in Jumeirah Village Circle. We meet with Managing Director of the project, Mr Abdul Raul Razzak to find out more about him and his projects.

Rauf mentions the recent launch of the latest new project  from  Riviera Group,  the  La  Riviera  Apartments  that  provides  buyers  and  tenants  a new standard in luxurious apartment living.

The 22-story residential building offers 144 stylish one and two bedroom apartments and two retail units  situated  in the Jumeirah Village Circle, a  residential  and  commercial  community  featuring  a  stylish  mixture  of Arabic and Mediterranean villas nestled alongside stylish townhouses.

A  typical  floor  contains  seven  units  of  one-bedroom  apartments  and two units oftwo-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is designed for elegance and convenience in mind.

The  property  features  a  barbecue  area  in  one  of  the  two  especially dedicated areas for al fresco dining, a Riviera Retreat  Lobby, a Riviera Retreat lounge and a  state of the art  health club with separate ladies and gents smart steam room.

According  to  Rauf,  the  sales  continue  for  the  project, which  is  due  to complete in the latter quarter of 2018.  Added USP’s include a medical facility, school,  shopping  centre  and  convenience  store  right  on  La Riviera’s  doorstep,  with  direct  access  to  the  main  highway  for  added convenience.

Rauf mentions that La Riviera Apartments are more than an investment –  they  are  perfectly  planned  homes  encouraging  a  calm  and  refined way  of  life.  A  typical  floor  contains seven St  Tropez  one-bedroom apartments  and  two Nice  two-bedroom  apartments.  Each  apartment is  designed  for  elegance  and  convenience,  with  fixtures  and  finishing to the highest standard.

At  La  Riviera  Apartments,  you  can  breeze  through  the  Riviera  Retreat Lobby or unwind in the Riviera Retreat lounge for a feeling of absolute peace and calm. Unwind from the stresses of modern living in the state of the art health club, or pop into the separate ladies and gents smart steam room to feel stress simply melt away.

Rauf  mentions  that  the  La  Riviera  Apartments  is  ideal  for  anyone looking for a retreat from the stresses of urban living and describes the apartment    complex    as “the    perfect    location    for    families    or professionals  in  search  of  the  perfect  new  luxury  home  with  all  the convenience and comfort they would that makes their life easy.”

Construction  of  this  deluxe  apartment  block  is  due  to  complete  in  the latter quarter of 2018.  Since their inception, the  Riviera Group has built approximately 1.45 Million square feet resulting in a 100% delivery track record  of 969  units in  Dubai  that  are  fashioned  to  reflect  people’s lifestyles,  bringing  them  ease,  comfort  and  a  sense  of  security  with more than 35 years international experience as real estate developers.

We wish Rauf and his team success with this new venture.