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Edited by Shereen Shabnam

Fashion, jewellery and beauty are three areas that women in the region are most passionate about. We are delighted to feature Nada Wahib Ghazal, Founder, Managing Partner of Nada G and Jewellery Designer. Since its launch, Nada G™ has witnessed a year-on-year increase in sales and profits, and to accommodate further demand Nada G™ opened its 2nd and flagship boutique in Beirut Souks, Beirut Central District, Lebanon.

Nada is proud that Nada G creations as a brand is able to compete with some of the best brands in the world. Besides international awards, the brand was featured in a few of the best jewelry books in the world too. Nada’s family’s belief in her ability is one of her greatest emotional supports, and her customers’ appreciation is inspirational. Nada grew up with two sisters and three brothers in Lebanon. The 43 year old is a warm personality, married to Elias Gannage and has two sons and a daughter.

Nada G™ has received the coveted ‘Designers: Best Innovative Design Award’ for its bespoke jewelry piece ‘Fusion Ring’ from ‘2012 Premier Middle East Watches, Jewelry & Pens Awards’. Nada G™ also received the coveted 2012 ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ for the bespoke jewelry piece ‘Crawl’ from ‘International Jewellery London’ (IJL), the UK’s most established premier jewelry trade event. Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK), also awarded Nada G™ “Rising Star of JCK Las Vegas 2012”

Nada’s Story

My oldest memory is sitting by the fireplace watching my grandmother’s delicate fingers weave pieces of art using string and a crochet needle. I could sit for hours on end watching her and never tire. I was fascinated with the intricate detail of the pieces she created. I clearly recall the wonderful feelings I had the first time she held my hand and gently pressed my finger against that needle as she carefully guided me to tie my first knot.  I knew back then and at the early age of six that I wanted to be an artist and an artisan.

After gaining a degree in Advertising Design from the Lebanese American University, I traveled to Dubai, UAE to work for a multinational advertising agency.  Working in advertising gave me a canvas to express my artistic talents, and a better understanding of creating and building brands. After winning multiple regional and international advertising awards, I knew that it was time to create my own brand. Whatever that was to be, I knew that it had to be personal, authentic, and transcribe my emotions into something that was fascinating, distinctive and timeless. It would have to awaken emotions in others.

At the age of 30, I started weaving my first jewellery pieces with 18k gold string and precious stones in my apartment in Gemmayzeh, Beirut- Lebanon. A year later, I showcased my first collection with 25 hand-made pieces of rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. The pieces sold out in less than three days and there was great demand to create more. A year later, I established the Nada G™ brand and opened my first boutique and workshop.

Every year we launch a main collection under our line ‘True Originals’. This year I felt there is a need to launch a few smaller collections throughout the year under a new line called ‘Outburst’. Every piece of jewelry designed and created comes from a memory, a dream, an emotion. In May, I designed and produced a bespoke capsule collection ‘Khaizaran – A Tribute to Lebanese Workmanship’ to debut at Sursock Museum Store for its event ‘Culture Imagined’ held during the Beirut Design Week, and dedicated to Lebanese cultural sustainability.

Every piece carries its own identity and is derived from my emotions; they all belong to one spirit, the Nada G spirit, so each one defines Nada G in its own way. As the MD, Founder & Designer of Nada G, I put my heart in every piece I create up to international standards. Having said so what remains the most important thing for me is touching people’s hearts with my creations and growing globally.

Nada G designs are contemporary timeless jewelry with an edge that have a soul, story and glamorous touch. My designs are a true reflection of my emotional sense, of my immediate surroundings and what invariably moves me. I am touched by everything I see and everyone I meet. It could be as simple as the icicles that were hanging down from the window of my parent’s house in the mountains to a sparkle in a child’s eye, so talking to myself, and digging deep into my soul is what kick-starts my ideas.

Having said that, I think visiting and living in many countries has played a role in how I think about design, and one thing I claim is that Nada G jewelry has a global feel. I have always had an “emotional connection” at the heart of my designs and its not surprising that every piece of jewelry I have designed and created has come from a memory, an incident or a feeling.

Travelling feeds my soul and I travel where life takes me. I like exploring different countries and experiencing different cultures. I am influenced by the diversity of the cultures and my mother. My mother has always appreciated art and had very strong intuition. She saw my talent and encourged it. She even used to encourage me to draw on our bedrooms’ walls when I was a child!


Although I wear black a lot, I love colour in general. The colours that represent me would need to be deep, like deep cherry red, grenadine pink, bright green and electric blue or white. I am not fond of pastel colours and browns, but of course I appreciate them in their specific surroundings.

For the future, I look forward for more growth, in Lebanon and internationally, and as we grow, I look forward to growing my team. I also have interest in collaborations with other designers. After all growing internationally will connect me to more and more women around the world and I hope that I can touch as many hearts as possible through my creations.