Savouring Life Through Sensory Experiences


Turkish Airlines introduces 5 senses Campaign

We see, smell, hear, taste and feel unique things everywhere we go. We discover the world through countless miracles of biology taking place within our bodies every millisecond. But how many of these miracles do we really understand?

In line with their motto “Widen your world”, Turkish Airlines kicked off a new campaign this year starring world-renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Oz, embracing the positive effects of travel on the human senses and giving us insight into what really happens to our bodies when we have a new experience that “widens our perspective”.

Although sometimes taken for granted, the Five Senses are the very means by which we experience the world around us. Through the Five Senses Campaign, Turkish Airlines aims to inspire the whole world to discover new places while truly savoring every smell, touch, sound, taste and spectacle.

If the name Mr. Oz does not sound familiar to you, which is highly unlikely, he is a Turkish-American celebrity heart surgeon who gained his fame as a regular on The Oprah Winfrey Show before starring in his very own Dr. Oz Show.

He has authored over 400 original publications, book chapters and medical books, has received several patents, and performs more than 100 heart surgeries per year. With this medical background and credentials, he ought to know a thing or two on the positive effects of travel on the body and mind.

Recently, Turkish Airlines launched the Five Senses campaign film advertisement during the Super Bowl 2018. Filmed under extreme weather conditions, with temperatures up to 50° C in the Sahara Desert, and below 0° C for the Northern Lights, the commercial celebrates the magic of the human body to excel in diverse conditions.

In the film, Dr. Oz explains the wide range of sensory ability of each of our five senses while inspiring visuals of travelers from the Northern Lights to the Sahara Desert are shown venturing on their journeys. The film is educational as well as awe inspiring with a sharp call to action from Dr. Oz to “get out there, explore, see, smell, hear, taste, touch; widen your world”.

Award-winning Danish director Martin Aamund took the reins for the film, which has been broadcasted in many countries that the national flag carrier flies to across Europe, South Africa, the Far East, the Middle East, and the Americas including North America (Canada), Latin America, and the United States.

The main philosophy behind the campaign is that senses allow us to experience the world in a unique way. Within the five senses are held some of the most precious memories, which can transport us through time. Uniquely, these grand voyages are most often inspired through the tiniest of details, whether the scent of a flower, or the taste of a spice. The Five Senses campaign encourages viewers to experience a sense of awe at the universe inside the body, as well as the amazing planet that Turkish Airlines connects to.

As Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other, the airline actively encourages its passengers to discover the world and through it, discover themselves. The new Five Senses campaign aims to emphasize the sensory experience of every journey to help travelers discover the unknown with their five senses to their fullest.

Today, with 302 different locations, Turkish Airlines believe that their job is more than just transporting passengers to their destinations. With the Five Senses Campaign, they are proving that human beings can discover the world and at the same time, discover themselves.