Revitalize and Reinvigorate Wellness with Isukoshi Healthcare LLC


Interview with Mr. Chua Lin Chai

CEO/Owner Isukoshi Healthcare LLC

By Shereen Shabnam

ISUKOSHI HEALTH CARE has been providing the luxury hospitality market with a broad range of branded health care and beauty products, home appliances for the comfort and convenience of their guests. We speak to Malaysian born, Chau Lin Chai, CEO and Owner of Isukoshi Healthcare LLC to find out more about him and the brand.

Chau Lin Chai begins by telling us that the first two years of running his company taught him about sacrifice, something most entrepreneurs understand. Some say entrepreneurship is built into a person’s DNA. Others argue that it must be learned. While he knew that he was born with entrepreneurship in his blood, he had to learn and is still learning a lot along the way.

As an entrepreneur, Chau Lin Chai feel it is his duty to bring new ideas to implement for the betterment of the society and his responsibilities allows him to take care of each barrier that interrupts it.

Chau Lin Chai tells us his career has been quite a ride, and one that he couldn’t have managed on his own. He tells us, “As times have gotten tougher in this current economy, I have grown more and more appreciative of the support network I have around me. I am seeing clients and friends go out of business, but I am doing my best to keep morale up by playing the role of cheerleader for my team to make sure they know that they are important and their jobs are secure.

The vision of Isukoshi Healthcare LLC is to inspire positive change in the industry they serve and the world around them. Never satisfied with simply meeting ‘best practice’, they are always looking ahead and intuitively defining ‘next practice’.

Chau Lin Chai reiterates, “We are committed to the highest level of quality, service, safety and ethical business practices. Our core values are based on the ability to be inspired to create positive change for our industry and customers alike. Through a process of creative collaboration we create difference.”

We talk to Chau Lin Chai about his achievements and he mentions, “Attaching yourself to the idea of executing bold, risk taking plans with the ability to achieve is what I call the achievement. This phenomenon is commonly referenced in business education, but entrepreneurs and business leaders can experience their own version of thinking. We are committed to build brand loyalty for our clients and ourselves, fulfillment practices and ensure processes at ISUKOSHI are tailored to the unique requirements of each client.”

According to Chau Lin Chai, a broad range of versatility can be found in the growth graph of isukoshi. “The first step in exceeding customer’s expectations is to know those expectations. From the beginning we tend to grow our corporate family with bold executives who prioritizes customer satisfaction,” he said.

“I would like to see my business growing with outlets all over the world. We are already shaking things up by simply offering quality product with certain guarantees. We developed a unique way to help businesses grow sales and enhance our customers experience by creating a synergy between product consultation (1st step), product trial (second step) and long-term maintenance (third step).

Chau Lin Chai prefers using different mediums to increase awareness in the target market via alter platforms i.e. by improvising on digital means. With advances to cutting edge technology, the brand is launching a Royal Therapy for hospitality industry “The Royal Emirates”.

Along with this, the brand will be launching a “Robotic tourist guide” to provide moderate design assistance in formulating licensed guest amenity for the hospitality industry.

Economic fundamentals for consumer spending are solid going into 2017, which gives the company a good reason to remain optimistic about demand for all types of luxury hospitality guest amenities. ISUKOSHI has received a number of excellence awards for both the government and private sector.

On CSR, Chau Lin Chai says, “We all like to do what we can to make the world a better place and help people in need. Ever since I was a child I had that clichéd desire to ‘help people’. When I found out that a big aspect of social work is advocating for those who don’t have a voice and working on their behalf to make positive change happen in their lives, I knew this was the path for me. In the matter of helping society I focus on education and health.” Chau Lin Chai believes being positioned as chief executive officer of a company gives an ability to reach people from lower to higher hierarchy to listen what they can’t share and to resolve what they can’t discuss.

When it comes to my hobbies, Chau Lin Chai tends to read books and articles to get latest news feed around the globe. For sports, he enjoys Football and loves travelling. He always travels to new places to meet new people and learn their cultures. While he likes to visit his home country for short vacations, if he had a long holiday, he would love to do a world tour.

Successful Entrepreneurs influence Chau Lin Chai most but in his home country it is his parents and family who influence him the most. We certainly hope he keeps up the positivity that surrounds him and continues to explore new advancements as he takes his business to new heights.