Pioneering Technology beyond general aviation




Shereen Shabnam

Mankind has always been fascinated by the dream of flying but realise that it requires devotion, enthusiasm and the will to overcome boundaries. The Karlsruhe-based company e-volo intends to make this dream safer, more environmentally friendly and affordable by designing an aircraft, which will revolutionize mobility on our planet in the foreseeable future.

The Volocopter VC200 is a vertical takeoff aircraft for two passengers that uses electric propulsion only. The first manned flight took place in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe followed by more test flights at higher altitudes and speeds at a special test flight area in Bavaria.

As innovators, e-volo intends to help commuters say goodbye to poor, congested roads, difficult terrain, and challenging ground conditions by taking off and flying above road challenges with their innovative new technology.

The Volocopter, whether flown unmanned, remotely, or autonomously, presents the platform for the heavy-duty drones of the future. E-volo takes great pride in offering the safest and most precise civil system capable of transporting loads of up to several hundred kilograms. This unique technology opens up new possibilities for commercial and private transport.

During the test flight program conducted in Bavaria, the Volocopter demonstrated various dynamic flight maneuvers at higher speeds for the first time. The test flights did not only serve as a presentation of possible flight dynamics but helped gain important knowledge in order to optimize the current developments of the new prototype for serial production including ones with environmentally-friendly rechargeable battery technology.

One significant advantage of the Volocopter is its ability to be operated unmanned. This allows the e-volo development team to fly the new aircraft from the ground via remote control with a special permit during the test flights. The e-volo goal is to program the future series-produced Volocopter as a sporty and agile aircraft while also preventing unsafe flight maneuvers.

The Volocopter can be operated with a pilot, using remote controls or completely autonomously. It allows the Volocopter to serve a broad range of purposes and solve many unique problems such as developing a mobility concept for transporting people/mass transit, point to point transportation of heavy loads, autonomous farming of fields in the precision agriculture sector, search and rescue applications as well as the improvement of the first aid chain, platform for physical measurement devices, yacht tender, pleasure rides for amusement, recreation or sightseeing e.g. fly a helicopter for yourself in an amusement park and shuttle service (e.g. air-taxi).

The Volocopter combines the joy of flying with the highest levels of safety. And not only that, thanks to its reduced mechanics it is low maintenance and extremely easy to operate. The pilot merely has to command direction via a joystick and the 2-seater, ultralight aircraft glides into the desired position.

The revolutionary safety & propulsion system of the Volocopter will serve as a platform for additional aviation systems in the future. It is the perfect platform for both vertical takeoff manned aircraft and heavy-duty drones. The flight concept of the Volocopter facilitates piloted, remote-controlled or even completely autonomous air operations.

Based on the evaluation of the data gained during the flight tests, e-volo can now optimally decide on the next steps in the further development and test flights. The Volocopter VC200 redefines the helicopter. Learning to pilot vertical takeoff and landing now requires fewer costly and time consuming flying lessons. Never before has flight been easier and more accessible.