Performance, Speed and incomparable design



MV Augusta F4

Shereen Shabnam

THE MV AGUSTA F4 has high-performance motorcycling history in its blood. Breaking down the barriers of imagination, this masterpiece integrates cutting-edge technology with the latest engine design,

The top-of-the-range F4 RR contains unparalleled engineering solutions and thoroughbred excellence, ensuring total bike control and heart-stopping performance.

Its best features include an inertial control platform with lean angle sensor, a redefined riding position, full Ride-By-Wire, Öhlins electronic suspension and steering damper as well as GP-spec titanium con rods.

An advanced four-cylinder ‘short-stroke’ engine powers the entire F4 range and the piston diameters of 79 mm are combined with a stroke of 50.9 mm. On the F4 RR the peak rev limit has been raised to 14,000 rpm. The expert craftsmanship gives absolute precision, with all components being selected and measured to ensure perfect uniformity and maximum performance.

The engine upgrade is evident as the intake and exhaust valves now use a single spring instead of the two and hence reducing moving mass. The piston blanks are hard-anodized, making them more durable and reliable than ever before. The oil circuit has been redesigned ensuring perfect main bearing and con rod lubrication and thus boosting reliability, even under extreme conditions.

The short-stroke inline four-cylinder engine is available in two power configurations: on the F4 it reaches 195 hp, while the F4 RR puts out a jaw-dropping 200.8 hp.

The look and personality of the F4 is enhanced by combining design solutions with distinctive features resulting in the F4 walking away with countless best-looking-bike awards.

The front headlight is flanked by two distinctive ‘light guides’ on the leading edge of the spoiler, thus making an aerodynamic part essential to the bike’s frontal look. Safety is also boosted with improved frontal visibility while an integrated light guide increases the brightness of the rear light.

The wheel designs offer considerable weight reduction and are available in two versions. The first, on the F4, utilizes razor thin spokes and a silver finish. The second, on the F4 R cuts weight and material thickness even further thanks to a special aluminum alloy forging process and offers attention-grabbing race-inspired design.

There has also been a significant upgrade to the four-tailpipe exhaust system, a characteristic feature of the F4 ever since its inception. The two outer pipes are now much shorter and tapered, while the central pair extends beyond the end of the tailpiece. Making the F4 even racier and lighter than ever.

The MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) platform integrated on the F4 ensures precision control of multiple engine maps and rider assistance devices such as traction control and EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift).

The trademark structure and geometry of the F4 remains unchanged. The F4 RR offers not only technological excellence but also complete personalization for riders with discerning tastes.