Paspaley’s Perfect Pearls



Natural pearls are among the rarest of gemstones.

Since the 1920’s, one family has been intimately involved in the Northern Australian pearling industry – the Paspaley’s. With origins in natural pearls and mother-of-pearl, they diversified into culturing pearls in the 1950’s.

The Pinctada maxima is the largest and rarest of all pearl oysters. It is a solitary creature which accounts for their rarity, just as their large size accounts for their ability to create larger pearls.

Today, Paspaley is one of the last companies still fishing for wild Pinctada maxima oysters and is therefore one of the world’s last sources of these important natural pearls. Paspaley also operate the world’s last significant pearl diving operation and are a primary source of cultured pearls using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods.

The finest natural pearls discovered by Paspaley over generations have been accumulated into an important collection. Every so often the company offers some significant pieces from the collection to the market.

In May of this year, a triple strand of Paspaley natural pearls, sold for US$2.1 million at the Christies Magnificent Jewels auction in Hong Kong. Described by the auction house as “one of the finest natural pearl necklaces known”.

Paspaley also brought to auction a unique pair of natural pearl and diamond earrings, which sold for US$830,000. The earrings are representative of the exceptional quality of natural pearls from the collection. Exquisitely matched for shape, lustre, and size, they were left undrilled to display their perfection. Both items sold above their high estimate.

According to Christie’s “only a company as dedicated to uncompromising perfection as Paspaley could have produced these extraordinary jewels.”

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