The Most Beautiful of All Pearls



Pearling has been in the Paspaley family since the 1930s, when Nicholas Paspaley MBE first began diving for these precious gems off the coast of Broome, Australia. Today, Paspaley is internationally recognised as the source of the world’s finest pearls and mother-of-pearl.

Over the years, Paspaley pieces have been displayed in famous institutions globally – such as the Smithsonian in Washington DC – and sold in international auctions, including the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auctions, alongside a number of other global luxury brands.

Paspaley’s Exceptional Creations epitomise craftsmanship, featuring the most magnificent pearls from the company’s private collection. Every so often, this also includes a selection of their exquisite natural pearls.

Among the rarest of gemstones, natural pearls are produced by just a fraction of the world’s wild oysters. Today, even those are threatened by pollution and overfishing. As the world’s pearling leader, Paspaley occasionally offers precious natural pearls from their collection to the market.

In May 2017, for instance, a Paspaley triple strand natural pearl necklace sold for USD2.10 million at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in Hong Kong. According to Christie’s, “only a company as dedicated to uncompromising perfection as Paspaley could have produced these extraordinary jewels.”

Paspaley also sold a pair of natural pearl and diamond earrings for USD830,000 at the same auction. These earrings captured the exceptional quality characteristic of natural pearls from Paspaley’s collection. Exquisitely matched for shape, lustre, and size, they were left undrilled to display their perfection.

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