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Achieving new heights in Aviation


Shereen Shabnam

Private Jet travel is becoming popular among the masses and it is heartening to come across companies like Brookland & Co. that believe that a private aircraft is an extension of your home and hence should be able to express your taste as you would in your home on your aircraft.

Brookland & Co. Is a Bespoke Aviation Atelier that specialises in Tailored Private Aviation solutions to suit the worlds finest individuals. Only the finest aircraft in the world are handpicked by Brookland & Co. to be tailored for their clients.

According to the team behind Brookland & Co., the company uses expertise in aircraft research and analysis to acquire the world’s finest aircraft available at the best value possible.

Once acquired, the aircraft are then tailored to the clients bespoke needs by an expert team of craftsmen to deliver an aircraft that is brand new to the exact specifications of the client. And that too at a price that is a fraction of a brand new aircraft directly from the manufacturer.

With an all-inclusive bespoke approach, Brookland & Co. offers a complete turnkey approach to aircraft ownership. Once the client has had their first consultation and selected their model of choice from the model selection, the Brookland & Co bespoke process begins.

Brookland & Co. deal with the entire process from aircraft acquisition, to registration, legal, maintenance and operations. The entire process is completely bespoke and tailor made to the client.

There are three different types of aircraft that Brookland & Co. work with.

The B-001 by Brookland & Co. is the entry level aircraft.
Designed for short range travel, it was the aircraft that started the modern Jet Set.

The B-002 is the most popular aircraft. No other aircraft in its class offers the same range and cabin size. It can fly direct from New York to London and London to Dubai non-stop.

The B-003 is a flagship Ultra-Long range aircraft. It can seat up to 16 people and can fly from Los Angeles to London non-Stop.

If you are looking to tailor your aviation needs from bespoke aviation specialists, then we recommend exploring the different options offered by Brookland & Co.