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2017 Roadmaster Classic

Shereen Shabnam

Living across City Walk in Dubai subjects me to an evening parade of different types of road warriors gloating and showing off their wheels but none stand out as much as the group of motor cycle enthusiasts with their intricate deco and unique touches to make their wheels stand out. Owners of the new Indian Motorcycle’s newly crafted Roadmaster Classic however do not need the extra bling to turn heads. The new model is designed to get the second look as proud owners tour across the open road.

The new 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic ticks all the boxes for looks, performance, timelessness and all the other elements that has turned the established Roadmaster into a Classic but with new enhancements in the leather saddlebags, a leather trunk, the new chrome teardrop logo tank badge and leather fringe.

The vintage look and style is combined with modern comforts like heated seats, industry-leading Ride Command infotainment system along with ABS, cruise control, power adjustable windshield and keyless ignition. The old school look with leather all around adds to the vintage charm.

As a quality touring motorcycle, the 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic sports a 54mm throttle body offering a seamless ride for interstate touring that is made easier with the Ride Command infotainment system. This comes with a seven-inch full color LCD screen that helps monitor a wide variety of information at a glimpse. Music lovers can use the screens easily and change the volume for the stereo system while enjoying the ride.

Seasoned riders will also find that the Roadmaster Classic chassis responds in a manner that is consistent and intuitive hence allowing riders to focus on their ride, enjoy the attention from fellow travellers on the road and take in the scenery while touring and exploring new ride routes.

The 2017 Indian Roadmaster Classic comes in three colour schemes; Thunder Black and two-tone paint options of Willow Green over Ivory Cream and Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream, offering enough choice to discerning motorcycle enthusiasts.