Exquisite Designs


Golda Vynogradska

Shereen Shabnam


In an impromptu meeting with Golda Vynogradska set up by the team at Armani Hotel, I discovered her passion for creating beautiful masterpieces as a leading Ukrainian designer and her enthusiasm to make the world a better place, starting from improving life for everyone in Ukraine.

Golda was born in 1974 in Lviv, in a city that is located at the crossroads of European culture and hence from an early age, she absorbed the powerful spirit of different ancient cultures. Currently Golda lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. The awareness that her destiny was in designing clothes only came to her when she turned 33 and this resulted in defining her career.

As Golda grew in the design industry, she relied heavily in her performance and efforts to search for novelty and originality, which led her to develop her own unique style. Her uniqueness makes her work recognizable and above all, gives her lots of applauses on different stages across the world.

The fashion shows of Golda are very successful and remain memorable in places like France, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, etc. She has led an active cooperation campaign with the Middle East and Japan. One of the collections Golda prepared successfully was for the Princess of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which reflects superb work and style. Her collections are showcased almost every month.
Golda has also developed a line for children’s wear and applies best practices for the production of school uniforms for students in schools and gymnasiums. She is the sole owner of the Ukrainian-French company Jolie Dame, which consists of three brands (Jolie Dame, Golda and Golda kids).

Golda’s role as the founder and the director of the French-Ukrainian company, JOLIE DAME (“the Beautiful Woman”) specializes on the development and tailoring of female and children’s collections. As a founder of the brands GOLDA and GOLDA kids, she believes in dimensional and price parameters and to be adapted for everyday life.

Looking back at her career, from 1991 to 1996, Golda was in the State university, Lviv Polytechnica, where she specialised in the  “Economy and Management in Fuel and Energy Complex”  and received a Masters degree.  From 1996 to 2006, she was the founder and the Vice-president of holding engineering production company “EMV” in the field of power.

In the interim, Golda also went to the Institute of Economic and Management for a year to specialise in sales management, attended the Central Saint Martin college of Art and Design (London for “Fashion business” and visited the Institute of art and design of Salvador Dalí, specialising in “Fashion Designer and Accessories”.

In December 2013 Golda Vynogradska was a volunteer in the revolutionary events in Ukraine on Independence Square, which has become a symbol of freedom and struggle of Ukrainian people for a worthy life. During her engagement in these activities she realized her idea to arrange an open-air show on the main scene of Maidan (Independence Square).

The new colorful collection of outwear called “Everything will be all right” was introduced not by models but by the volunteers – brave girls and women from all regions of Ukraine. At this historical moment women-volunteers wanted to support their men who were courageously defending the people. With this they wanted to transmit the message, “We are here with you side by side, and let the power of women’s faith be the driving force for men’s victories.” The collection is made in colors of Ukrainian national flag and complemented with the palette of olive green and golden colors.

Currently Golda is the Adviser of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine and she is a Member of the Committee of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. She is also the President of the National Partnership of the Textile and Garment  industry in Ukraine.

Golda thrives with the Association of the Ukrainian designers and producers on a platform of understanding of unity of the country, patriotism, volunteering and the correct marketing approach on sale of collections of the Ukrainian designers.

They have projects in USA, Italy, Slovakia, UAE and Canada. Golda is also the Vice-president of Confederation of designers and stylists of Ukraine. As one of the founders of the museum “History of Fashion of Ukraine”, Golda mentions that the unique project recreates the history of city fashion and light industry of Ukraine in the last century.

As a result of participating in many international exhibitions, the GOLDA collections are on sale in Russia, Japan, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. Golda researches and investigates the preferences of her target audience in clothes which makes her designs functional and appealing to a wide audience.

In addition to her fashion career, Golda is the Author of the “Ukrainian Princess or the Dream of the Ambassador of Ukraine” and holds the Honorary badge of the Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “For Service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.