Embracing Global History with a Modern Touch



Falconcity of Wonders…

Inspired by the wonders of the world, Falconcity of Wonders is established to become the definition of tranquil modern living. Being a mega project covering an area of over 41 million sqft, Falconcity of Wonders is one of Dubai’s main attractions, giving a unique experience of living in a place where history of global cultures is embraced and brought back to life, only with a modern touch.

Derived from the ambitious vision of His Excellency Salem Almoosa, Chairman and General Manager: “To unite the different cultures from around the world to bridge the gap between the East and West, while providing a high-quality and luxurious lifestyle,” Falconcity of Wonders arises to make this vision a reality.

Falconcity of Wonders, which is shaped like a falcon symbolizing the UAE’s emblem and heritage, was founded in 2005 as a luxury venture of Salem Ahmed Almoosa Enterprises to provide a prestigious lifestyle within a peaceful & fully-integrated community. It features contemporary and sophisticated residential, commercial, leisure and mixed-use developments, to cater to the needs of residents, tourists, investors and visitors. FCW includes different luxurious international-themed villas, spacious apartments, shopping malls, hotels, premium business offices, fine-dining restaurants, health clubs, spas, nurseries, schools and parks. Located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, FCW is easily accessed from all major roads and only minutes away from the two main airports in Dubai.

Passionately embracing global history with a modern touch, FCW rebuilds the most astonishing wonders of the world to provide a thriving backdrop to the contemporary living and working experience at Falconcity of Wonders. It is the place where everyone lives in harmony and is connected under the roof of safe, luxurious and affordable living.  FCW is a place people visit to see the world.

From India with Love; “Taj Arabia” is developed with an inspiration from the historical Taj Mahal. It is a mixed-use development featuring residential apartments, business offices and wedding halls.

Taj Arabia is one of the main reasons behind owning a property in Falconcity; to relive history and to be surrounded by beautiful nature including the rich landscape of greenery with soothing water fountains and flowing streams.

At the heart of ultra modern living, “The Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon” are constructed in a modern structure recreating a miraculous design of an old lost wonder. It houses eco-friendly luxury flats and open spaces for restaurants and coffee shops, with the garden overlooking Falconcity Mall.

Legendary way of life is experienced once walking in the “Pyramids Park”, which consists of Dubai Grand Pyramid, Medium Pyramid and Small Pyramid. The Pyramids Park offers a contemporary lifestyle throughout its mixed-use facilities from residences and offices to shopping centers and entertainment venues.

come home to the community where your family’s well-being is a priority, at the “Western and Eastern Villa Residences” that are designed in attractive international themes of villas and Townhouses including Mexican Santa Fe, North American New World, Andalusia, Aegean and unique contemporary designs.

Opulent French lifestyle in Dubai! Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, FCW brings “Dueiffel Tower Dubai” encircled by “Falcon Elysees” to give a true experience of the elegant French lifestyle.

Nostalgic Venice in Dubai; because a touch of romance is always good and refreshing for the soul, “Town of Venice” is developed within FCW.

China’s Wonder in Dubai! The Great Wall of China is another inspiration for the astonishing attraction on the land of wonders, “Dubai Great Wall” is higher than a 3-storey building and stretching over 1700 meters.

Italy’s History alive in Falconcity! “Leaning Tower of Dubai” rises in Dubai as a spectacular attraction arising from the history of Italy, which reflects the creativity of engineering blended with modern architecture. The hosted restaurants and hotel attract tourists from around the world!

The unstoppable fun! “Falcon Fun City” is developed to become the most ambitious tourist destination. The huge shopping “Falconcity Mall” is in a strategic location near the main road to be easily accessible for the public as well as the residents. “Falconcity Towers” are built in the business district comprising residential, commercial and hotel towers, along with New York’s “Central Park” being developed at the center of FCW.

Your dreams in one place!  When combining inspiration, creativity, vision and determination, Falconcity is the result, a city which embraces the world. It is one of the most dynamic large-scale luxury developments, delivering unrivalled residential and commercial properties. Providing a high-standard lifestyle, luxury living space, premium workplace and a safe environment, puts Falconcity of Wonders at the top of the most visited attractions within UAE and globally.