Classic and Resplendent


Paspaley Pearls

Shereen Shabnam

As an Islander, I prefer the simplicity and the understated beauty and allure of pearls and some of my favourite designs come from Paspaley.

The pearling journey of Paspaley began nearly 80 years ago on the remote and unspoiled coastline of northern Australia. Pearls from Paspaley are the world’s rarest and most valuable created by nature in Australia’s pristine northern oceans. They are unrivalled in size, nacre quality, natural colour and lustre.

Paspaley is the last of the original pearling families that dived for natural pearls on Australia’s north coast in the early 1900’s. Paspaley’s world-famous Kuri Bay pearl farm was established in the early 1950’s and produced Australia’s first harvest of cultured pearls in 1956. In the 60 years since that first harvest, the quality of our pearls has improved year by year and they now widely regarded as the finest and most beautiful in the world.

The 2017 Rockpool Collection features exceptional pieces selected from Paspaley’s collection of rare cultured South Sea pearls, including a special selection of exquisite gem-quality keshi pearls. Only a small quantity of keshi pearls of this size and quality are discovered each year.

Paspaley’s designs are both classic and unique with an outstanding approach to detail and design. Whilst the hallmark of Paspaley is the classic strand, Paspaley has been one of the world’s leaders in contemporary pearl jewellery design, in many ways redefining how pearls are worn.

Discover the collection at and own classic pieces that stay timeless in design and appeal for all occasions.