Celestial Masterpiece



Jacob & Co introduces Astronomia Sky

Shereen Shabnam

When Jacob & Co. brand-new version of the crowd-pleasing Astronomia mega-watch called the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon, it was viewed as a feat of watchmaking, design and engineering, taking the celestial display integral to seafarers, astronomers and ancient horologers and placing it on our wrist.

Never before seen in watchmaking, the Astronomia Sky introduces a three-dimensional sidereal display and even though it adds a few complications, it actually has a smaller case size. Down from the 50mm-wide size of the standard Astronomia, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky is “just” 47mm wide and 25mm thick.

The initial version of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon comes in a 18k rose gold case with a large domed sapphire crystal on top and a middle sapphire crystal ring around the side of the case.

It makes viewing the interior of the watch and the movement very simple and striking. Naturally there is a pen to go with it and they go with the Astronomia collection watches overall, produced in collaboration with Jacob & Co. by Italian manufacturer, Visconti.

The entire point of the Astronomia was to offer a “four armed” movement which had a dial for the time (that spins to remain upright as the entire movement structure rotates on its axis), tourbillon (that technically moves on two axis points), a spinning seconds indicator, and a spinning orb opposite the seconds indicator. The Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky more or less retains this functionality but with additional astronomical complications.

Around the edge of the dial on the side of the case, there is a month indicator that uses a small hand, which follows along the 12-month scale, which goes entirely around the face. And at the center of the four-armed movement structure, there is a small orb designed to look like the earth.

There is of course the 24-hour rotating of the day/night indicator as well as the fact that the earth spins around each 20 minutes, since that is the rotation time of the four-armed movement. The small “globe” is produced from titanium and then hand-lacquered and engraved.

The watch also features a celestial star map with a series of zodiac indicators. This face is produced from blued titanium and has an oval “sky indicator” hand. The entire watch face makes a full rotation once annually. The oval sky indicator hand rotates to show the stars visible from the northern hemisphere.

The movement inside is exclusive to Jacob & Co and made of 395 parts. It operates at 3Hz (21,600bph) with a power reserve of 60 hours. The movement is marvelous to look at with its complexity and focuses on being visually entertaining to view in operation.

Like most of the watches produced by the brand, the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky is part of a limited edition of just 18 pieces. Hence it is ideal for watch collectors or watch connoisseurs in positions of power.