Bustling Belgium



Shereen Shabnam

Belgium is not just a destination for chocolate lovers but also for travellers seeking fun and adventure in places like Brussels, Namur, and French-speaking Wallonia with affordable hotels, chic shopping, gourmet food, exciting nightlife, and great adventure!

A friendly and welcoming nation with three official languages, Belgium has stunning architecture decorating the quaint cobblestone squares. There are traces of the Austrians, Spanish, French and Dutch seen in its architecture and in the lifestyle of the Belgians.

The Sablon – Zavel Square is great for Antiques shopping, fancy florist, porcelain stores and great restaurants. Chocolatiers with Belgium’s most famous and traditional chocolate flavours are available in abundance. Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions, a lure for lovers, the indulgence of the rich and later, a favorite of the masses.

Our favourite, the delectable pralines in Belgium are the most sublime chocolate confections. A beautifully sculpted chocolate shell conceals a center of filling which explodes with a surprising texture and flavor in your mouth. Many chocolatiers still make their pralines by hand.

Belgium has some of the finest, oddest and most amazing restaurants where you can enjoy something different, and so good, that you will not forget it for the rest of your life. Venues vary from the internationally acclaimed restaurants to the new concept trendy cafes and traditional dining venues.

There are many tourist attractions and museums to choose from when visiting Belgium. The famous Carpet of Flowers in the center of the Grand Place, the beautiful castles, peaceful abbeys and historic battlefields are a must visit.

For music, Belgium has a great opera tradition. There is Opera at the Grand Palace. Not to forget also La Monnaie in Brussles. Built by Joseph Poelaert in an eclectic style, the auditorium combines French and Italian features. It can seat 1,152 people and is a magnificent example of European theatre architecture.

The architect Duckers built the Opera Royal de Wallonie in Liege at the end of the first quarter of the 19th century. This theatre is massive and its main facade is adorned with a marble colonnade from the old church of the Chartreux in Cornillon.

One cannot visit Belgium without going to Brussels, which is becoming known as a mecca of style, art, and design. While attracting more and more big names in international fashion to its growing shopping districts, homegrown Belgian designers are rapidly gaining global notoriety.

The streets of Brussels feature art and architecture created from an unmistakably Belgian point of view that cannot be replicated.  This beautiful city is a center for fashion, art, and Belgian culture – it is a destination that should be part of every European adventure.