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“The Gallant century” (fêtes galantes) refers to the period of the “old regime,” from the beginning of the reign of Louis XV to the Great French Revolution of 1789. It is the period of French history that displays the enchanted world of beauty, and indulging in enjoyable entertainment.

This lifestyle influenced the emergence of the painting genre termed, gallant scenes, which are important to European art of the XVIII century. Artists of that time depicted the features of the aristocratic society. The composition of the fête gallant painting included young aristocrats socializing against a natural background in an atmosphere of serenity and absolute happiness.

With the emergence of numerous aristocratic salons, King Louis XV wasn’t the sole collector of art, and France became the center of artistic life in Western Europe. Salons also had a great influence on decorative arts, which were an important part of interiors.

With the emergence of Sèvres, the palaces were decorated with numerous porcelain figurines, vases, and dishes and gallant scenes became a favorite motif. Courting love scenes depicting ladies and gentlemen were often used in the design of the palace walls, ceiling, furniture, doors, coach doors and remained popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The revival of the salons and its art took place in the end of the 19th century during the return of French “old-regime” tradition and king-styles. Renewed interest in monarchist regimes, elegance, and refinement of flirtation increased the prevalence of Rococo styles.

This significant style was reflected in art and became a popular theme for French artists, reliving the great tradition of Louis XV.

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