Anthony Bonja



The man with fine taste creates and manufacture his most beautiful and elegant designs,The brand expands it’s lines of luxury products to the Arab world and China

Anthony Bonja is among the biggest names in the world of jewelry and watches, in Lebanon and the Arab world, He competes with the biggest global brands through his elegant fine designs which attracts both women and men. Anthony Bonja excelled with his classy designs that are inspired by his surrounding environment, which he sketches and later turns ideas into reality: from drawings and designs to the most beautiful, and magnificent luxury. His ambition has no limits, he did not settle for watches and jewelry designing and manufacturing, but also created a new line of fragrance, handbags, in addition to Kashmir and silk scarves which witness the art, design, and fine taste.

We visited Princess LLC, “Anthony Bonja” stores in Abu Dhabi and met with Mr. Bonja who talked about his latest designs and the future new coming products which should be in stores by the end of this year.

The expansion of the Bonja brand watches and Anthony Bonja jewels has no limits: you can now find this brand available in every Arab country through an agent or the original store, and Mr. Bonja confirmed in his discussion that soon all of these outlets will hold his “Anthony BONJA” signature: Anthony Bonja “Signature Boutique”, or Bonja Time Boutique”, His limitless ambitions allowed to expand even further to reach China, specifically Shanghai now followed by Beijing, then outlets will be inaugurated first in Maccan, and then more stores will open throughout all of China.

The idea occurred during his participation in exhibitions in which he felt a larger demand for the “Anthony Bonja” watches, he explained, “In the past years, and through my participation in exhibitions, I felt there was a strong demand for my watches in China, where these particular products are appreciated, especially because we manufacture them in a limited quantity. Most of BONJA watches are uncommon, eccentric and reflect the character of their owner, especially a selective individual with a strong personality, which chooses his or her watch with high accuracy.”

Latest designs

Regarding his latest designs, Mr. Bonja said that he’s currently working on the designs of three watches: the first one, “Space”, will be in the market in around three months.

It is characterized by a gold or metal circle set with or without diamonds above the crystal, which makes it look like a flying saucer from outer space, other concentric circles getting smaller and smaller inside the dial, equally this watch have a world timer to know the time in any country worldwide, and can be worn equally by Men and Women.

The second watch, called “Princess”, available in a variety of colors, it’s distinguished by a big diamond set crown on the dial that gives its splendor. Mr. Anthony Bonja said that the design & realization of this watch was made in collaboration with a Hong Kong company, who sells to a very well known retail outlets which owns more than 70 stores in Asia, and he added: “we inserted both names, mine as the designer, and their brand on the watch dial, since I used as well in this watch a registered diamond particularity of my Hong Kong friend & colleague, further more like that we can both allow its wide spread.”

As for the third watch, it has been available in stores recently and is characterized by the simplicity and ease of changing its leather strap, and it’s made clearly so that you can see the time from far away, and that’s why it’s called.  “FOCUS”.

Watches and Jewelry Exhibitions

On international level, he added that “Basel Expo” is among the main Exhibition where we get to know the new models and trends in the international market, this year we participated and celebrated 40 years of my BONJA brand by Anthony Bonja.